Saturday, February 26, 2011

clovis fire station

today we had a fun meeting. We got to take the puppies to the clovis firestation. There we walked the dogs around the fire engine while it was running, have the puppies go up to a fireman in the full gear and mask, and got to walk inside the firestation. All the puppies did really good. Some were not to sure about the truck, but all like the fireman in the gear. Medford did great and had no fears. He walked around the truck with no fear at all. He really could of cared less about the fireman in the gear he said a quick hi and was back at my side looking at me for his reward. At the end as we were leaving the firemen got a call so we got to see them go lights and sirens. Again medford wasnt to bothered by the sirens, prob since we hear them alot where i live so he is use to it.

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