Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for Pinnacle and I. It started out with me getting up at 5:30am to get ready and take care of Agent and Pinnacle. Once ready I left Agent home loose and took Pinnacle to school. My first class was at 8am and is on the 3rd floor so we decided to take the elevator up instead of the stairs. Once there we choose a seat in the front row to sit in. Pinnacle was a little wiggly as to be expected. It was his first time in a classroom and he is use to stretching out so the fact we had someone behind us which prevented him from stretching out was weird for him. We got done early with the class  and I had 2.5 hour break before my next class, so I went home to eat lunch and let Pinnacle and Agent play some. About 11:40 it was time to get back to school. Parking was really bad so I had to park far and walk really fast not to be late. At 12:30 class started. My teacher saw Pinnacle and commented on how cute and well behaved he was. He slept through that entire class like a good boy. Once done with that class I had 1.5 hours till my next class so I took Pinnacle out to potty. Once I knew he was empty we walked to the taco bell on campus for me to grab a bite to eat. Pinnacle did great staying in a down while I ate at one of the high tables. Once I ate it was time to go to my final class. This time I decided to sit at a seat on the side of the room so that Pinnacle could have more room. My teacher saw him and decided that he would be the new class mascot. He slept through that class too. After we were done with that class we headed to my car and went home. Agent, Pinnacle, and I all just crashed till dinner time. Pinnacle was a really good boy at school it will be fun to watch him grow while at school.
Pinnacle with one of his toys before class

Friday, August 16, 2013

6 months

Today Pinnacle is 6 months old. It's been amazing to watch him over come some of the issues he came with. He can now ride in the back of my car on a tie down without drooling or getting sick. He does great on outings and is very confident. He still has issues to work on but I'm proud of where he is right now.  So now that he's 6 months old here is 6 things I like about him.

1. His confidence. Pinnacle is a very confident pup. Not much can phase him and even when he's unsure of something he is able to work through the fear. 

2. His goofy personality when he's playing. Whenever he plays with his toys he gets really goofy. My favorite thing is when I throw his rope toy and he runs the pounces on it.

3. His white paw. It can be hard to see sometimes in pictures but Pinnacle has white fur on his back left foot. I think it's cute and unique.

4. His cute face. There is something about his face that makes it hard to ever stay mad at him.

5. How smart he is. Sometimes it takes him a little while to learn something new but once he learns something he does great at it from that time on.

6. How great he is at being pet by other people. I try not let many people pet him while he's in jacket but when I do he's great at remaining calm and will sit while being pet.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fun Day part 3

So this post is pretty late but you will have to forgive me as I was on a few trips so I didn't have my computer which meant no blog posting. Part 3 about Fun Day is actually not about Fun Day but rather the trip my Fresno group takes to pier 39 the day after Fun Day. Saturday July 13 we had a long day at Fun Day and were up late with some friends. At this point it was only my friend K, her pup Warren, Pinnacle, and I staying in the hotel room. Sunday we had to be up bright an early and eat quick in order to drive over to the ferry terminal. 

Once at the ferry terminal we bought our tickets to pier 39 and met up with raisers in my Fresno puppy raising group. I was a bit nervous about how Pinnacle would do. The reason I was nervous was because he hated walking on anything metal and we had to go up a metal ramp and metal stairs on the ferry. However, Pinnacle decided to shock me and went up the ramp and stairs with no issue. I was also nervous about him possibly drooling or throwing up since he had never been on a moving object without being in his crate. Again he shocked me by not drooling or getting sick but rather laying down and going to sleep. After what seemed like forever we reached the dock and got off the ferry. Again Pinnacle did great. Once off we took the pups to a parking lot and let them go potty before making the long walk to Pier 39. Pinnacle was a bit distracted and pulled quite a bit. It was a bit difficult to regain his focus since he decided not to want his food that day. However, after many corrections he finally got the hint and pulled a lot less and got himself focussed. We worked with him going over metal objects and he concurred his fear by the end he loved going over metal flooring.
Pinnacle and his friend Warren on the ferry

Pinnacle with the ferry in the background
Once at Pier 39 we all walked around for a bit before deciding to go eat some clam chowder. Pinnacle was worn out from the walk and fell asleep right away under my chair. After eating we walked around some more and even found some stairs that played music when you walked on them. Pinnacle could have cared less that the stairs were making noise which made me proud of him. The one thing about Pinnacle is he is a very confident puppy which can be a good thing. We checked to see if any sea lions were out but there were none. Then it was time to head back to the ferry. We managed to get a bus to take us all back to the ferry dock. We still had some time to kill once we were at the ferry dock so we all went across the street to where they had a fountain you can walk under. Now if you remember my post about the Jelly Belly factory you will know Pinnacle hates water so I wasn't sure if he would go near the fountain. At first I got him to walk up to the fountain water but he refused to walk under it. We decided to have another Guide Dog puppy go in front of him to see if he would follow. He did follow but his face said he wasn't thrilled about it. We got about half way and there was a sharp corner poor Pinnacle missed that stepping stone so his backend fell into the water. We all had to laugh at him cause he had the look of horror on his face that he was all wet. After letting the dogs dry off some we walked to a hotel that has a glass elevator and had the dogs ride up to the top and back down. Pinnacle enjoyed looking out at the view. After we rode the elevator it was time to head over to the ferry and head back to our cars. 
Pinnacle and I on pier 39

Pinnacle and I in front of some flowers on pier 39

Pinnacle and Wilton taking a break to get a drink

Pinnacle was disappointed there were no sea lions

Pinnacle in front of the fountain we walked under
Once back at my car K and I decided to go to dinner at BJ's. Both boys did great and slept while we ate our dinner. After that we went back to the hotel to watch movies and go to sleep.