Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well today Medford did a lot better about being good in class. He slept through both my first two classes (second class is a lecture hall and the way he was laying when hed stretch in his sleep his head would fall over into the next row. everyone who saw got a good giggle out of it). The third class of the day he didnt do as good as he normally does in that class but he still did good. We were in class for 2 strait hrs, and the last 20 or so min he got wiggly. I cant blame him 2hrs of sitting still and i was getting restless to even though i enjoyed the lecture.

also we got our phase report today
for my bakersfield group I found out Diablo (he was raised by a first time raiser named LeaAnn) is in phase 6 and Fanta ( a female yellow lab) has been tentatively pulled as a breeder. Congrats to both dogs and their raisers.
for my fresno group we have no dogs up in training right now so there is no news.

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