Thursday, March 3, 2011

puppy news

well i guess with every good news comes bad news(well sorta bad). I was told back in january that there was a possibility that i would be getting a golden pup in april to have my friend kim start for me. Well my friend kim just got a call and informed me that there would be no goldens ready till like june. We have told them we would wait till june or july to get a golden puppy. If not our 2nd choice would be a cross (one that is more golden), and as a last resort if neither of those two can work out a male yellow lab puppy in may/june. so hopefully we will here soon about everything. the good news is wilbur should be home in a few weeks. yay! ill update when i know whats going to happen. fingers crossed i get a golden ive been wanting one for long time but timing never worked out.

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