Monday, February 7, 2011

feeding the ducks

Today I didn't have classes (i dont have classes monday and friday this semester) so my leader,Mary, picked Medford and I up to go to a park to feed some ducks. Medford has never seen ducks before so this was new for him. At first he was interested in trying to figure out what these weird creatures were, but then quickly lost interest in them. He sat perfectly calm as I fed the ducks. My leader's golden Preston did great to. Preston was more interested in the ducks then Medford was. It turned out to be a great day to go. We had great weather, and there were lots of people there.We did some obedience with the boys, and both acted like pros. After the park we stopped by a library to pick some books up the my leader had being held at the library. Both boys were on best behavior. From there we stopped by petsmart to weigh the boys since neither have been weighed in a while. They were little wiggly as expected so it was hard to get an accurate weight but it is estimated Preston at 10 months weighs 70ib and Medford at a year old is now 73-75ib. What big boys. Medford is worn out now.

Medford in front of duck pond

video of me attempting to get medford to look at the camera for a picture


  1. Bwahahaha! Oh Medford, you silly boy!

  2. Medford you are a sweet Boy ( You take after your Handler ) !!!!!!

  3. @erin he is a silly boy ecspecially since most of the time he is being funny he is doing it without trying.

    @dad he is very sweet. now if only i could teach him to sweet talk my teachers into just giving me A's