Saturday, April 30, 2011

And the new puppy is.......

Introducing ...... Polaris! He is 7/8 golden 1/8 lab cross born 2/18/11 to taylor and malou. I am told by my mom who is in charge of him until school is out that he is a sweet boy but hates his leash and is very stuborn about pottying outside.

Friday, April 29, 2011

spring break

Sorry this is a little late. Last week Medford and I headed home to Bakersfield for spring break. We both had lots of fun. To start on Sunday my dad and I took medford to the kern county museum to walk around. We got an extra bonus of a huge car show there that day. There was lots of people, loud music, and bunch of distractions. Medford handled everything perfectly. From there we went to go look at some trailers for camping. After that we went to the mall to have lunch at red robin medford was a very good boy and went to sleep under the table. He was a big hit and everyone kept saying he looked like a big bear cub lol. We then ran to petsmart and got things for the new puppy. Medford was a little confused why we bought all these bones and he couldnt have them. We then spent the rest of the day by the pool relaxing. On monday we met up with my bakersfield guide dog group. After the meeting me and one of the other raisers took our boys to cold stone. we then traded puppies to take home till wednesday. Her puppy is young so it was good practice for me to have a young pup, and it was good for the other dogs to get use to a puppy again.On Wednesday me and the raiser traded back dogs. boy was i happy to have Medford will go back in May or June.

Also tomorrow is the big day Mr.P arrives!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

puppy news

Well i am now back from spring break. Medford and I both had a great time. I will post another day about all we did. Now for the fun news! I just got my puppy assignment for my new puppy. I will be getting a male cross 7/8 golden 1/8 lab born 2/18/11. The parents are taylor and malou. The letter of the name will begin with letter P. I am told the name is very strange. so let the name guessing begin. I am also excited because I know 2 people getting brothers to my puppy so that will make it extra fun. Puppy arives on Saturday cant wait.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

easter bunny

I took medford today to meet the easter bunny. He was a little unsure for few seconds, but then realized that there was nothing to be scared of and in the end really liked the bunny. Medford even gave the easter bunny a big sloppy kiss.

long overdue updat

Sorry i haven't posted for little while life has been crazy. Well last thursday I got real lucky and had the day off, so I was able to go to the fresno city college disabilities awareness fair. Our group had a booth set up to talk about puppy raising, but also mainly so some of the kids could see the dog. It was a great experience for both us people and the dogs. I was able to take both wilbur and medford with me. Both boys were well behaved and enjoyed the attention they got. After that we left for Bakersfield for the weekend. Both boys enjoyed being home. However, since Medford and wilbur have issues being loose together they had to stay seperated except when on leash or tie down. Wilbur's way to let everyone know he was back was to steal my moms cheeseburger from her plate. After we ate Medford and I went with my dad to join my mom in watching my sister play in school's powder puff game. He did great and slept pretty much the whole time despite it being real crowded. Saturday was another busy day for us. First my mom and I took medford to the vet. He had something wrong with black part around his eye and a small lump on the inside of one of his ears. The vet thinks its just a scratch that is healing on his eye and is unsure what the lump is we have medicine to put on it and have to make sure it doesnt get bigger. They also discovered that he was starting to get an ear infection so we have medicine to put in his ear. Poor guy just falling apart lol. After that I had my hair appointment. Then Medford and I met up with another raiser Kim and her pup shawn and went to John's incredible pizza. Both boys were very well behaved and were not phased by the noises or crowds of people. We were there for a couple of hrs. We got our hands stamped so that we could leave and come back in if the dogs needed to potty. Yesterday Medford and I returned to fresno. Wilbur stayed behind, since he and medford were not getting along it was to difficult to have both. He will get to enjoy running in my parents big backyard and sleep with my sister and her yorkie princess(hope he doesnt squash poor princess). Also yesterday I got word that there is a good possibility I could be getting my new puppy April 30. fingers crossed. Unfortunally i will be on a trip that day with my fresno guide dog group so I wont get to see him soon as he gets off the truck but ill get to see him the next day. so if all goes as planned 25 days till the new guy comes.