Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Medfords third litter

I found out Medford had a third litter. They were born 2-21-12 the mom is belize a female yellow lab. The litter letter is T. There were 7 in the litter 3 boys 4 girls.I found out one of my friends will be getting one of the boy pups on Friday. I can't wait to watch him grow.

here is a link to photos and videos of the pups

Monday, April 16, 2012

pictures of Medford's second litter

I thought everyone would enjoy seeing pictures of medford's second litter. Damsel who is the mom her raiser saw the pups and was kind enough to send me two pictures of them. The pups are already in raisers homes now but i am happy to see what they looked like before then.

Meds pups at 4 weeks old left to right: Graham, Garfield, Georgia, Garbo, Gallagher

Medfords 2nd litter at 3 weeks old

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fossil Discovery Center

So I had hoped to have this great story of how Andrew and I went to the Fossil Discovery Center in Madera, CA. Well we did go, but it was not what we expected. The Center was nice and allowed me to bring Andrew thre to look around. Now when I had looked at the website I had figured it would be small but thought there would be maybe 5 rooms to look through. Well I was wrong it was only 1 small room with a couple of fossils out. Main reason I had gone was it was extra credit for my geology class im taking this semester, and I figured it would be nice to turn it into an outing for Andrew. Andrew did great he really wasn't into the bones like i thought he would be. So since it was small once we were done we went with my two friends to check out one of my friends new appartment. We walked around the complex and andrew got to see some ponds with ducks in them there. After that we went to the mall to eat dinner, and went to good will after that to see if they had a desk for my one friend(they didn't). Andrew is now a worn out puppy.

Andrew and I in front of a mammoth fossil at the entrance to the center

Andrew found a long lost relative

Andrew with fossils

Andrew wishing the video on fossils would hurry and end already

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break

Well the week before Easter was spring break for my school, and I had planned to do a bunch of fun things with Andrew but unfortunally my mom got really sick so Andrew and I spent most of the vacation at home. He did enjoy getting to run in our yard though. Spring break started with Andrew and I attending our groups potluck at oso de oro park. The weather was kind enough to hold the rain till our potluck ended. Andrew had lots of fun visiting with his doggy friends, and I got to enjoy a yummy lunch. We stayed the night in fresno since it was raining hard, and left the next morning. The monday during spring break Andrew got to go to his first movie. I decided to take him to see miror miror since it got bad reviews so I knew if I had to leave then I wouldnt be missing much of a movie. Andrew did excellent and went to sleep through the whole movie. We then went to the Bakersfield puppy meeting and he enjoyed seeing some of his old friends. He did get to go to a few stores, but other then that our time was spent at home. We have a fun weekend planned this weekend, so hopefully ill have some fun stories to tell you.