Saturday, February 19, 2011

meeting/ new addition

Well today was our weekly meeting, and we did something new. We normally do outings for our meeting, but today we instead went to one of the raiser's in the group work where we did lots of activities with the dogs. We had 4 stations set up. one was a distraction course where we had food and different toys to distract the dogs. Medford did great! Second station was meeting with our leader to discuss any issues our puppies have and to see how the dogs weights are. third station was a obedience rally course. Medford did really good. The final station was a go to bed station. We put some xpens up to block the pups, and then we would each go with our dogs and do go to bed few times. Unfortunally the floor was slippery so medfords bed kept slipping when hed run to it so he got little nervous, but by then end he was fine and doing it perfectly like he normally does. After that we had lunch (costco pizza and cookies, brownies, etc.). From there we went in pairs to walk our dogs by traffic. Medford is use to this from us walking to school last semester, and from us walking on campus so he was a pro.

Now for the exciting news. I just received a call from my first puppy i raised, wilbur, partner. She informed me that he has now been retired, and........he will be coming to CA to be my forever dog. I am sooooooo excited i've been waiting for this day. So now we have 4 dogs. My cc'd lobo, my sister's yorkie princess, my guide dog puppy medford, and now Wilbur will be joining us soon. We have not decided totally if he will stay with my parents in Bakersfield or join me and medford along with my roomate and her chihuahua in fresno, but im sure hell end up in fresno with me. So now the count down begins. Oh and Wilbur is a male yellow lab now 8 years old and very big should be over 80ib.


  1. Wow! That's so exciting that Wilbur is coming back to live with you!!

  2. How exciting for you to get Wilbur back! :)

  3. we are very excited for him to come home. So far the plan is for him to live with me in fresno.