Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a bit late

So this news is a bit late, but between getting ready for finals and taking care of andrew it can be hard to find time to post sometimes. So here is the big news Shawn who I puppy sat a few times and took some trips with medford and polaris he has now become a breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Congrats to his raiser!!! He has already had two dates and I look forward to meeting his pups one day. As of now he is in foster care awaiting to be placed with his breeder keepers.

nothing much has happened with Andrew. He did get to go on a short hike in the mountains about 2 weeks ago, and he got to go to a different mall this past weekend. other than that nothing big.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Airport meeting

Hey everyone its andrew here last night was a fun night we had our meeting at this place my raiser called the airport. She says there are things you get on at the airport called airplanes that can fly you. I was so excited i thought we were going to get to ride one and get away from the heat but i was wrong :(. When we got there we met up with our group and 3 other groups. We them had to go through security. My raiser went through first then i did. When i went through this thing beeped something about the metal on my leash and collar set it off. Since i set the alarm off i had to get a pat down. I thought this was so great that i couldnt contain my excitement my raiser wasnt to happy with me she said that i needed to calm down and hold still. Crazy i know right me hold still haha! After that we walked around the airport its pretty small so it didnt take long we had some photo ops. After that we were done and i came home and went to bed.