Wednesday, January 30, 2013

puppy story

So now that I'm back in school there aren't many adventures with Malcolm or Agent to tell about. So I have decided for now in addition to telling about some outing we managed to go on each weekend I will tell the story about one of the pups I raised. Since you you already know the stories for Medford, Polaris, Agent , and now Malcolm I wont be including them. I will cover Wilbur, Pascal, Fabrica, lobo, Baron, and Sweetie.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gdb pups

Over the years I have raised 10 pups for Guide Dogs for the Blind each one is special to me

Wilbur: myl was my 1st pup i raised. He was a sweet boy who actually graduated as a working guide on my birthday.

Pascal: mgld he was my first golden. After a few months of raising him i decided to coraise him with my younger sister cause i didnt have the time to work on some of his issues. He went on my 8th grade graduation trip and walked me across the graduation stage. He also helped me transition from jr high to high school. He graduated as a guide.

Fabrica: fbl fabrica was my special girl. Once old enough she attended school with me every day. Me and her had a great bond. She was ccd and lives as a pet with family friends.

Lobo: myl aka lazy lobo was an easy pup. He was energetic when we first got him but then he calmed way down after that. When he was a pup he starred in a commercial with another puppy in training. He was ccd for health at a young age and now lives as a spoiled pet with my parents

Baron: myl I picked up Baron the day after I got back from a trip to Hume Lake with my high school he was a sweet pup. He was the first pup I raised with another dog in the house. He was loved by everyone at my high school. He graduated as a guide.

Sweetie: fyl Sweetie was an interesting puppy. She was full of energy from day 1. I coraised her with my leader in the begining. She was then transferred to a friend of mine once i left for college. She was ccd and now lives with my leader in Bakersfield

Malcolm: mgldlabxx he was the first pup i raised all by myself. He was a calm puppy but had lots of tummy issues at first but once we got that taken care of he was an easy pup to raise. He was my first cross and made me fall in love with crosses. He became a breeder and i raised one of his pups

Polaris: mgldlabxxx i didnt have him long but he was nicknamed polar bear he was so sweet. He would play in his water dish and blow bubbles in it too. He was transferred to another raiser because he was to fearful to go to college with me. He was ccd and guide dogs placed him with an older couple.

Andrew: mgldlabxxx now named agent was a pup from medfords first litter. When i first saw him i was not excited to be getting him since he was very high energy and was not an easy pup to deal with. As he grew so did my love for him. He wasnt near perfect but he improved so much. He was ccd at 11 months for different issues. He is now my beloved spoiled pet. He loves to go to doggy daycare.

Malcolm:mgld he is my first transfer pup. I was a little nervous about having two goldens the same age in my appartment but after meeting him i knew hed fit in. He is a great boy and continues to make improvements every day. I have a feeling he will make a great guide if not he would make a great k9 buddy for a blind child.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

15 months old

Happy 15 month birthday to my crazy wonderful forever boy Agent!! I'm glad your my forever boy even if you are a dork sometimes.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday to my very special boy Medford aka the Bear!! Wish I was with him to give him hugs but I know he is enjoying his life and family which makes me happy. I can't believe he is 3 today I feel like he should be a baby pup all snuggled up with me now hes a daddy to many great pups. Love him to death and hopefully will see him soon.

Fun Afternoon

Yesterday was a busy fun day. Started out with me getting up early to take Agent to day care which he loves to go to. Then my dad and one of his friends came over to my apartment to take Malcolm and I to the snow in Yosemite. Once there we would drive, stop, get out and take pictures and walk around some then get back into the truck. Malcolm loved the snow. After a while we went to a lodge to have lunch. We had to wait a while so I worked Malcolm on the stairs there. Then we were seated and he did great he went under the table and went to sleep people didnt realize he was there till we left. On the way out we saw some kids in snow gear he was a bit confused by these strange creatures he wasn't scared though which was good. Then it was time to head back to Fresno.

Once back we got ready to go to dinner with my mom, dad, sister, my dad's friend, my sister's boyfriend, and two of my sister's friends. After dinner we went to Fresno State's mens basketball game. We managed to have the row to ourselves so Malcolm had room to sleep in front of my chair. He was not phased at all by the crowd cheering or the band playing he just slept. We only stayed the first half since my parents had to drive home that night.

Thursday we started school and Malcolm did great. He went under my desk and slept through my classes. I am really proud of him and the great dog he is.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guide Dog meeting

Last night my guide dog group had a meeting where one of the Guide Dog field reps came to do a talk. We got to learn about what happens once our puppies go home with their partner. It was very interesting and also reassuring to know that Guide Dogs makes sure the dogs are taken care of. After the talk we were allowed to see what it was like to walk with a guide dog. The field rep harnessed up her ambassador dog and we held on to the harness while she held onto the leash. Malcolm did great at the meeting.