Thursday, January 16, 2014

life changes

Life never goes the way you plan. I was scheduled to be done with Fresno State this past December, but as life would have it things came up so I am back a Fresno State. This will for sure be my last semester. I am taking 2 classes which is good as I can work hard to hopefully get A's in both of those classes as well as work on a few issues Pinnacle picked up while we were home in Bakersfield. I've noticed Pinnacle seems to do better as an only dog. He plays fine with other dogs but struggles to settle with the other dogs around in the house (he does fine settling while working though). Agent stayed back in Bakersfield with my parents for now. He will join me and Pinnacle in February that way we have time to settle back into a school routine. We have a busy few months ahead of us so hopefully there will be more stories to share.

11 months!!

Its hard to believe my Pinnacle boy is not 11 months old. Its crazy thinking my time with him is almost up. He has come a long way since I picked him up at 10 weeks old and he has been to many different places.

In honor of his 11 month birthday im going to list 11 new experiences I hope to do with him before he is recalled.

1. Go to an aquarium
2. go to the beach
3. take him on an air plane
4. go to sea world
5. take him to play in snow
6. take him to a forestation
7. take him to a sporting event
8. take him to a museum
9. take him to LA
10. take him to San Francisco or Alcatraz
11. introduce him to some new animals he has never seen