Tuesday, February 1, 2011

crazy day

Well today did not start out as planned thanks to my alarm clock not going off this morning. I have a 7 am class on tue and thur so i get up at 5am those days to get ready and take care of medford. Well since i didn't wake up till 6am things were rushed. As a result Medford had to stay home during my morning class(i did feed him before i left). After that my 7am class i came home and let Medford play then headed to my afternoon math class. Now I have been having some trouble with Medford settling down cause he is constantly trying to get the gentle leader off, so my leader is having me try something new. We walk to the building where class is with the gentle leader on, once we get to the building I take the gentle leader off of him until class is done and we are outside again. I am also rewarding him with his kibble when he is laying there like he is suppose to. It seems to work he settled right in and went to sleep. Fingers crossed he keeps it up. After that we had to go buy my parking pass for the school semester, and he did great waiting in the long line. Once we got home i let him rest for a bit then brought him out to work on his "go to bed command" he seems to get it, and also seems to enjoy this command. Its amazing how far he has come since I got him.

Waiting for class

bored in math class

tired of waiting in a long line

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  1. That what I did with Freya the one week I was allowed to take her to school. My thought was that I didn't need the Halti while in class, so I just slipped it off so she would be more comfortable.