Monday, April 26, 2010

A weekend full of firsts

This past weekend I was able to go home and see Medford. He is healthy now so he got to do a lot of firsts with me. He got to go to the puppy truck for the first time, since he didn't come off of the truck. He got to see one of the dogs in our group Stanton leave to go for formal training, and the raisers got a new puppy. They got a male black lab named Eaton. Medford also got to see my last puppy i raised get off the truck since she was career changed. She is now living with my Bakersfield leader. He did very well at the truck. He then went to Jonny Rockets for his second time. He went under the table and slept till we left. On Sunday he had a few other firsts. He went to the store for a quick trip. Medford also went to his first movie. As soon as we walked in people asked if they could pet him and take pictures of him. We saw the Last Song. He was very good. He made everyone laugh when in the movie Miley started singing he let out a big moan for everyone to hear. Medford is continuing to grow and at 13 weeks already is in a medium jacket.

Baby puppy group photo pups from left to right are Viking,Medford,Eaton

Medford waiting for movie to start

waiting for movie to start

Monday, April 19, 2010

Medford update

Well my parents say Medford is doing good. He is very playful and is getting along with our other two dogs. My dad has nicknamed him keeper. He says that he is so cute that if he fails that we are keeping him, and that is coming from the person who said he didn't want anymore pets. Sadly Medford's soft stools have returned. We are switching him over to iams low residue food for now till he gets better and will go from there. Hopefully he gets better soon.

Medford found a new chew toy Lobo's tail

My boy is getting HUGE!

vet trip

This is a little late, but last Wednesday Medford went to get his shots. I was told by my mom that he was a very good boy. He now weighs 27ib at little under 12 weeks.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Medford heads to Bakersfield

Medford at Jonny Rockets
Boy did he get taller

His new favorite way to sleep

Medford & my career changed Lobo becoming buddies

Well after spending a week with my leader in Fresno Medford is now headed to Bakersfield, CA. He will stay there with my parents till this semester of school is out, since this year I am in the dorms. My leader said that her Golden that she is raising fell in love with Medford. So this past Saturday I picked Medford up at the meeting from my leader and drove the 2hr drive to Bakersfield. He was a good boy and slept the whole way. Once we got home Medford got to run around with my career changed Lobo. After running around my mom and I took him out for the first time to a restaurant. He went to Jonny Rockets he was a good boy and slept most of the time. Sunday he spent a lot of time bonding with my dad. I just left him today, and I was told he was unhappy that I left him.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sick puppy

Well i have now had Medford for a week. A few days after I got him he had to get puppy sat. When he returned we found out that he had loose stools. It has now been a couple days and he still has loose stools. My leader in Fresno has him now for a week and is taking him to the vet today. Hopefully we will get this problem resolved so that he will start sleeping through the nights.