Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well i hope im not jinxing myself by saying this but Medford and i had a great day at school today. As I have mentioned before Medford has developed this issue about wanting to chew on his leash and get wiggly in class (ecspecially if he has the gentle leader on). Well today he was a perfect puppy, and slept through both of my classes. I wasnt shocked that he slept through my 7am class since he doesnt like to be up that early unless he is going to get to play with my cc'd Lobo, and it was pretty cold today so he really wanted to curl up to be warm. My second class he is sometimes good and sometimes wiggly. Luckly today he was very good, which was good since I had a math test today. I was really shocked he slept through it though since I had left his gentle leader on. He was so sound asleep that when we got up I realized he had drooled some on the ground. Hmmm guess he was dreaming of food. Hopefully this is a sign that he is passed that I dont want to sit still in class stage.

On a second note a puppy van is coming tomorrow to drop off 7 puppies. I cant wait for the puppy breath. 4 will be going to bakersfield (names begin with a,v,s, and t), my fresno group fresno farsighted is getting 1 puppy(letter t), and the other fresno group is getting 2 puppies (letters s and t). It will be a fun day!

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