Tuesday, November 29, 2011

great news

I am very excited I just got an email with the names of the pups from "Medfords" litter. I am not allowed to realease the names until all the pups have gone to their raisers. I can say I am happy with the names, and cant wait to find out which of the four boys is mine. I will pick mr. A up on Dec 18. I also found out that Medfords breeder family is going to bring him to the campus to see me when I pick up my puppy. I cant wait to see him again.

This weekend will be fun. I am going with my guide dog leader to the campus to play with her last puppy Preston's litter. We will be picking up one of those pups from that litter. She will be getting a mr. N. We will also be picking up a male yellow lab pup for a new raiser in our group. Yes thats 2 pups we will be bringing back. I know 2 adorable pups in the car how horrible lol. I cant wait to meet them

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

happy early thanksgiving

So this is a bit early but i will be gone on vacation thanksgiving week and may not have access to a computer. I wanted to wish everyone a happy early thanksgiving. With thanksgiving about a week away we should all give thanks for the wonderfull pups we are able to raise. So here is a question that I would love everyone to answer. The question is why did you decide to become a puppy raiser?

Also I have set a goal for the blog. I would like to try and double the number of viewers to my blog by January 1 so if you could spred the word that would be great.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great interview

I just had to share this article with everyone. Shannon is one of the raisers in my Bakersfield group for guide dogs, and she did an interview for the news about taking her guide dog puppy to school. Check it out!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

leash give away

Ok so fellow guide dog puppy raiser Mandy who is raising guide dog puppy Saxon is doing a special give away. She has started to make leather leashes to sell, and as special treat has decided to give away one leash for free. All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog saying that you have 1. liked her clubs facebook page 2. posted a link to the giveaway on you blog/facebook/twitter

here is the link to her blog. Check it out!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

litter announcements

So since I dont have a puppy I thought I would update you on litters of pups that fresno far sighted dogs helped produce in October.

On October 8 Preston who was raised by my leader litter of pups were born. He produced 8 pups 2 males 6 females with female golden devine. The litter letter is N. My leader will be getting one of the male pups.

On October 22 Medford& Ralph with Pilar pups were born 4 males 4 females. Litter letter is A. I will be getting one of these pups.

On October 31 Heloise a female yellow lab bred with Jay had one pup a male black lab. Letter is Z. Far as I know Heloise family plans to get this pup.

Fresno breeder pups were busy this october.
Aslo Preston it was decided after that one litter would not be a breeder and is now phase 3 of 8 in training.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Medford will be a dad ....AGAIN

So when I had last talked to guide dogs breeding department Medford wasnt scheduled to be bred again any time soon. Well.... I got an email today saying that a female went into heat and they decided to use Medford as the daddy. He was bred to Damsel a female yellow lab. So now that there is another litter i have to decide do I get a pup from the first litter and hope it is a medford pup since two males were used, or i could wait few months and know for sure it is a medford pup. Its a hard choice. The thing is i prefer to have the more golden to it over the more lab. Ive always liked goldens more than labs, dont get me wrong i love labs but goldens have and always will be my favorite. If i take one from the first litter it would be 7/8 golden if it was a med but there is no promise it would be medfords. If i get one from second litter then it would be more lab but i would know its medfords. As of now im sticking to the first litter but who knows i still have some time to decide.