Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Delta Gamma anchor slam

As I mentioned in my last post my sister is a member of Delta Gamma and this past weekend they had some events Pinnacle and I attended. On Sunday Pinnacle and I woke up a little early. I took care of Pinnacle and Agent then Pinnacle and I went for a long walk to Starbucks. After getting my Starbucks Pinnacle and I made the long walk back. Pinnacle got to work a lot on traffic during this walk and was a good boy.Once home we loaded up into my car and drove to Fresno State where Delta Gamma was hosting a basketball tournament for all the fraternities to play in. My sister was in charge of putting together the event and she did a great job at it. Once we were inside Pinnacle and I took a seat at some bleachers. It was very loud with people screaming and music playing not to mention tons of people walking by plus the basketball games going on in front of us I wasn't sure how Pinnacle would do. But he impressed me by staying calm and sleeping pretty much the whole time. He did get lots of attention from people there. I had to laugh though that some people were to scared to ask me if they could pet Pinnacle so they would ask my sister. We were there for about 2 hours then once the event was over we headed home. It was a great training event for Pinnacle. This coming weekend Pinnacle and I will both be very busy again so stay tuned for posts about next weekend.
Pinnacle sleeping through the Anchor Slam event

Delta Gamma father/daughter day

This past weekend Pinnacle and I were very busy. On Saturday my mom came up to Fresno to do some quick shopping. With my college graduation getting closer I needed a dress to wear to graduation.  We managed to find the perfect dress at the first store we went too. It is a cute dress that fits perfectly. Pinnacle was a very good boy while I tried dresses on. After we bought my dress we headed over to Delta Gamma the sorority my sister belongs too. I had been in there once before but Pinnacle had never been there. He got to work some on the stairs in the house. Delta Gamma was having their father/daughter event so it was crowded. My dad arrived about 20 min after my mom and I got there and we all sat down to enjoy a yummy lunch. Everyone was impressed how well behaved he was and that he went under my chair while we ate. I had my mom get my food for me since it was buffet style. Pinnacle is fine around food but some people are not fans of dogs near food so thats why I sent my mom to get my food. After we ate I took Pinnacle out to potty. He is such a pro and goes whenever I tell him to. About 15 min later all the Delta Gamma girls and their families went over to Fresno State for a father/daughter softball game. Pinnacle and I went with my mom to watch. My mom forgot chairs so we had to sit on beach towels. Pinnacle was a good boy and enjoyed watching the game. Poor boy did get hit by a ball once. Thankfully it hit the jacket he had on so he was ok just a bit startled. Once the game ended my mom, sister, and I picked up my sister's boyfriend to go get dinner and my dad headed back to Bakersfield. We dropped Pinnacle off at my apartment since he had been working all day and deserved a break. Dinner was yummy and once we were done I went home and went to bed.
Pinnacle doing a down stay while I dress shop
Pinnacle laying down in front of the Delta Gamma anchor
Pinnacle and my family in front of the Delta Gamma sign
Pinnacle laying down on beach towels while watching the softball game