Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Movie

This weekend Pinnacle and I are headed up to Fairfield to the Jelly Belly factory for a guide dog fundraiser. Since Pinnacle is young I decided to split the trip into three parts to make the long trip more enjoyable for him. Today was the first leg of the trip. Pinnacle and I drove from Bakersfield to Fresno. When we got to Fresno it was 104 degrees. Since it was hot I thought it would be perfect timing to take him to his first movie. 

As I've mentioned before when I take my pups to their first movie I choose a short kids movie. I do this mainly because kids movies arent as loud and tend to be more empty during the weekdays. I took Pinnacle to the Sierra Viesta mall theater since that one is usually pretty empty. I decided on seeing the movie Monsters University since I am not a fan of Pixar movies and would not care if I had to get up and leave. 

Pinnacle settled under my seat while we waited for the movie to start. The first preview was pretty loud and startled Pinnacle. He sat up and looked at the screen tolting his head trying to figure out what was going on. After that he decided to go to sleep. He only sat up one other time during the movie which was a pretty loud screaming part but once he realized it was only the movie he was back to sleep. He did excellent the rest of the time. As we were walking outside the theater to the car there was a band playing and some booths set up he did great and wasnt phased at all. 

Tomorrow is phase two of the trip. We will be driving to Stanislaus to spend the night with some raisers up there.

          Pinnacle outside his first movie


  1. yes he is I had to laugh that his first movie was about Monsters and his nickname is the little monster