Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Puppy Sleepover

So this is part 2 of my fun adventure with Pinnacle last weekend. At this point I was in Fresno and enjoyed sleeping in. I woke up about 10AM and took care of Pinnacle. We then relaxed for a bit before running some errands. Our first errand was going to Target quickly he did great and remained focused on me. After Target I was ready for lunch since it was Friday that meant Panera Bread had their clam chowder bread bowl my favorite. I walked in and went up to order and I could tell by the cashiers face I was in for a problem. She told me she needed to check with her manager but she wasn't sure I would be allowed in with Pinnacle. I told her that was fine but explained that he was a guide dog in training and I had been coming here for years with my puppies I have trained and have never had an issue. Her response was I still need to ask my manager even if he was an actual working dog. I waited for what seemed like forever by this time a line had formed and people were beginning to stare at me which was very uncomfortable. She finally came back and said I was ok to be there but at that point I just wanted out of there so I got my food to go and left. At about 3:30pm I loaded my stuff in the car along with Pinnacle and his stuff and headed up to Oakdale to spend the night at another raisers house.

After driving for about 2 hours I reached the raiser's house and unloaded my stuff. Pinnacle was excited to see her puppy in training a 9 month old black lab named Roberto. Once I settled in we took the boys to play for a little bit in her yard. Pinnacle discovered the cat bed and thought it was a great place to hide. After they played me and the other raiser made some dinner and chatted some. I then put Pinnacle into one of their crates and we went to the gas station to get sodas. When I came back the raiser's mom told me Pinnacle had done excellent in the crate and did not bark at all even when their pet dogs would walk by it.

About 10:30 pm another raiser came over to spend the night as well. She brought her cc'd Newport a male black lab and puppy in training Alba a female golden (7months). We let all the pups out to play and they had a blast. Pinnacle thought Alba was cute so I had to remind him of his manners a couple times. It was funny to see Pinnacle at 4.5 months old was about the same size as Roberto and Alba who were older than him. About 3am we all crashed and went to sleep.

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