Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Dinner Out

Now that Pinnacle is 16 weeks old I am starting to introduce him to some new outings though we still have a few more days till we can go to places where other dogs are allowed. It has been a little difficult to do outings since it has been extremely hot here in Bakersfield (usually 98-102 degrees) and we don't want him to burn his paws or over heat so outings are kept short for now. When my pups are around 16 weeks old I like to introduce them to going to a restaurant. I tend to make the first restaurant trip Jonny Rockets since the floors are pretty clean and they are great about the pups coming in.

So tonight I was bored so I called one of my friends and asked her if she wanted to meet me at Jonny Rockets for dinner. I decided to take Pinnacle and see how he did. He did great. He went under the table and laid down. He fussed with his gentle leader for 2 seconds and then fell asleep. He slept pretty much the whole time we ate dinner only waking up when he was startled because the waitress dropped food by accident in front of him. After one correction he laid back down and went back to sleep.

Pinnacle asleep at Dinner
Pinnacle asleep under the table at dinner
After we ate dinner we took Pinnacle out and found a shady spot in the one parking lot to see if he had to go potty. He sniffed some but didn't show any signs of having to go. After giving him the chance to potty we took him for a short walk and he did great walking on a loose leash and not rubbing his gentle leader on me. After the short walk we found a parking lot that was empty and shaded and gave Pinnacle another chance to go potty. He decided to pee which I was happy about. I'm glad he is a pup willing to potty on any surface I ask so far.

After going potty we went over to Cold Stone Ice Cream to enjoy Ice Cream. It was hot so I got Pinnacle a cup of water so he could get a drink. He was happy to get a drink. He again did great and laid down and enjoyed watching people walk by. After ice cream we went home and he got to enjoy his dinner.

Pinnacle being good while I ate ice cream at cold stones

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