Monday, June 24, 2013

Malcolm Returns

I posted about a week or so ago that Malcolm was cc'd from Dogs for Diabetics. That call was heart breaking for me and I cried for days. He was a really great boy and had really hoped he would make it through their program. However, the stress of so many changes had caught up to him and he started to alert bark and alert growl again. He did it when I first got him but after working with him on it got him to stop. I had a short time to decide what to do with him. While I have a lot of respect for Guide Dogs career change placement department the thought of him going to someone who might not keep in touch was to hard so I decided to bring him home and place him.

One of my friend's had placed two of her golden career changes with a family, but 2 years ago one died of cancer so they were wanting one. After hearing more about them and thinking it over I decided they would be a great match for Malcolm. I had my friend contact them and tell them about Malcolm. They were thrilled to hear I wanted to place him with them. I explained we would do a week trial run to make sure it was a good match.

On June 21 the puppy truck came to pick up one of the dogs in our group for formal training, drop off 2 new puppies and drop off Malcolm. It was at the truck I met the family who would be taking Malcolm. After talking with them for a short bit I knew I made the right choice. Once the truck pulled up I handed the puppy truck driver my leash and they got Malcolm off the truck. Soon as I said his name he lost it and went crazy. He jumped right up on me and kept licking my face. It was a priceless moment. Once he settled down some I took him over to meet his new family and their other golden career change, and he quickly liked them. Our group got two new pups a male golden lab cross named Moab and a male golden retriever named Akron. Once the truck left it was time to say goodbye again to Malcolm. It felt weird to be saying hello and goodbye to him all in a mater of an hour.

Malcolm's reaction to seeing me again

He lost total control of himself

Malcolm meeting his new family for the first time

Malcolm and his new friend Chuck

New puppy in the group Moab male golden lab cross

New puppy in the group Akron a male golden

Malcolm's new family text me when they got home and the other day saying how much they love him. He has been swimming in their pool everyday and has been playing fetch as well. I will be giving them the paper work in a few days to fill out for his adoption and then he will be officially their forever boy.


  1. I can only imagine how torn your heart is, but it sounds like Malcolm found his perfect forever family, and will be extremely happy there. That first picture is priceless!

  2. I agree with Hannah - that first picture is perfect ... I LOVE how he is TRULY giving you a hug. What a handsome boy.

  3. Aw, such an emotional roller coaster I imagine. I am so pleased you got to place him and can keep in touch with them and such a special boy!