Monday, June 24, 2013

Pinnacle's Eval

So this is about a week late but I have had a lot going on so here it is. Last Monday our CFR came down to Bakersfield to evaluate how the pups in our group are doing. I use to get a little nervous but after having Polaris transferred from me and Agent dropped in home I will admit I was a little more nervous than usual. My biggest fear was being told that he didn't think Pinnacle would be ready by end of summer to start school with me.

The eval was at 3:20 but we got there a little early so we sat off to the side. Once he was done with the pup before us he had us walk the two pups. Well Pinnacle was very distracted and wanted to play with the other pup. After a bit we finally got into the mall and found a quiet area. He then worked the other young pup who did really good. Then it was Pinnacles turn. Pinnacle was quiet a handful. He kept wanting to jump and try to chew on our CFR's shorts. He was a bit squirmy with puppy handling but didn't resist or get mouthy which is good.

After the walk the other pup and raiser left and it was our turn to sit down and talk with the CFR. He said Pinnacle is a good boy and has lots of potential we just have to work on him not getting so excited and not so distracted. Pinnacle was put on a food protocol and pretty much a long as he is not fixating on something he gets a piece of kibble every 5 seconds (this is due to the fact if food isn't constantly coming at him he looses interest in the food reward). We have a couple other things to work on with him but we are told he's still doing pretty good and hopefully will be on his way to one day being a guide dog.

Update: since his eval his distraction level is improving. He still gets distracted on outings but not as often which makes me happy.

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