Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crazy Story

In case you haven't seen or heard by now Guide Dogs for the Blind has in the news a lot this week for a pretty terrifying reason. During a training session in San Rafael 2 trainers and a guide dog were almost hit by a car. Luckily everyone is ok and no one is hurt. The dog O'Neil is ok and went through extensive evaluations to make sure he wasn't traumatized which luckily he wasn't. Here is a link to an interview with one of the trainers there. The video shows once again just how great guide dogs are.

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  1. OMG! We heard about it, but I didn't realize it was your group! It was so amazing that O'Neil saw and responded to the car the way he did! My gosh. These dogs are truly life savers in so many ways!!!! It is so rewarding being involved with them and with the people who work with them, all over the country! I hope all of your group is doing well.

    Cheryl and Coach