Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrews eval

Well today Andrew had his second eval his first as a member of fresno far sighted group. I got there early so i walked him around to let him burn energy before heading into panerra bread to meet with my leaders and our cfr. We went over andrews personality, health, and issues. I was able to get some tips on what to do to work on his issue of not settling. I will have to take him for long walks in different neighborhoods. This will allow him to exersise and use his brain in hopes to make him tierd. I also learned that to work on him staying down i will need to step on his head collar as close to to his head as possible for now and to reward him with food for being good. He can squirm as long as he stays down once he can stay down without my foot on the leash ill be able to worry about his positioning. In the meantime once hes down im to ignore him. After our talk we met up with puppy zorba and his raisers to walk them and work stairs so our cfr can see how they do. In the end our cfr said andrew is doing good and that once andrew can settle he can start going to one class a week.

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