Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy 5 months Andrew

Today Andrew is 5 months old. I cant believe it has been about three months since i brought him home. So in honor of him being 5 months ill list 5 things i love about andrew.

1. his happy personality. he is always happy to see me even if im gone for only 5 min.

2. his cute face. I love his face. I think he has the cutest face ever.

3. his confidence. hes a pretty confident puppy, which is good cause it makes it easier to take him on outings.

4. his love to snuggle. even though there are times it annoys me I love that he is becoming more lovey dovey.

5. his love to play. he is always up for some play time. I enjoy watching him chase his jolly ball rope toy.

Also Happy 17 month birthday to Shawn (yes shawn and andrew have same birthday). He is in breeder evaluations so we hopefully will hear something soon about him.

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