Tuesday, March 27, 2012

fun weekend

Ashley: This past weekend Andrew and I had lots of fun. On Friday Andrew and I went to the mall where I had lunch and took Andrew to meet the Easter Bunny. Andrew was a bit scared when he saw the Easter Bunny and tried to hide behind me. Since there was no one else in line I was able to let him slowly get comfortable with the bunny. We had the bunny get to Andrew's level and put his "paw" out. From there whenever Andrew showed any positive interest in the bunny he got a food reward. After 20 min Andrew was comfortable enough to let the bunny pet him and get his picture taken. From there we went to target to get some stuff I needed, and then to petsmart where Andrew got two new toys. On Saturday we had another busy day. In the morning Andrew and I went to the baby puppy meeting where we got to see Fresno's new pups Graham and Atlanta. Graham is the halfbrother to Andrew both are Medford pups. At the meeting the pups walked around and did some commands. After the meeting Me, Andrew, my leader, and her puppy nikon went to Oso de oro park where we walked the pups and let them watch the ducks and kids fly kites. We then went to Subway for lunch where both pups were very well behaved. After lunch Andrew and Iwent back to my appartment to rest for a bit. After resting up we headed over to Fresno state baseball field. We were meeting my leader, her husband, her daughter, and her daughter's baby. We got there before them so we walked around the walk way and did some commands. While walking we ran into Derek and David Carr so we said hi to them quickly before meeting up with my leader and her family. We went to our seats and the dogs did great at laying down. Neither pup was phased by the noise during the game. During the game me, Andrew, and my leader's daughter went to walk around and ran into Bear Pasco. Of course being the cute pup Andrew is he charmed Bear Pasco into giving him a belly rub. On Monday Andrew and I helped one of my friends get around since her car wasn't working, so he was able to go to some new places.

Baby Graham

Andrew at the park
Andrew in front of the Fresno state baseball field
Andrew laying down in our seat

Andrew: Hey everyone! I had a fun weekend last weekend. To start I met this big furry thing that my raiser called an Easter Bunny. She said that the bunny was nice, but I was a bit unsure I mean that thing was big. After that mommy took me to target and then Petsmart where I got two new toys. On Saturday my raiser took me to see the new baby pups one is my halfbrother who is really cute. I then got to go to the park with my buddy Nikon and his raiser. After that we went to this game called Baseball where I got tons of attention, but also had to lay down and be good. After a crazy weekend I'm worn out. Next weekend my raiser said will be even crazier since shell be on spring break.

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