Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun past 2 weekends

Ashley: so andrew and i have been busy the past two weekends. Last weekend on saturday Andrew went to his first guide dog meeting as a member of the fresno group. Andrew and i went to another raisers house before the meeting to let andrew run. After that andrew the other raiser and i headed over to manchester mall to meet up with the fresno group to catch a bus there to take to fresno state. Andrew did really good on the bus. Once at fresno state we all walked around and worked on commands then headed into fresno states library. Fresno state library has some really weird stairs made of mesh metal that some dogs dont like. Andrew had no issue with the stairs. After time in the library it was time to head back to the mall on the bus. After the meeting we joined some raisers for lunch. Andrew did pretty good hes not a huge fan of having to lay still. After lunch we went back to the other raiser's we were with in the morning house to let andrew run the rest of his energy off. Last Sunday was also a very busy but fun day. It started out with us going to breakfast at batter up. Andrew and i had to wait a bit to be seated so he got to work on ignoring people. Andrew got tons of compliments on how well behaved he was even the owner came up and said how impressed he was with andrew. After breakfast andrew and i went to a park to walk around and let him see ducks. He had lots of fun and crashed once we got back to my appartment. This weekend was just as fun. We traveled back to bakerfield for a weekend of fun. On saturday Andrew had a playdate with opal. She is a take charge kind of pup so poor andrew spent most of the time running from her. After they played we worked on some comands. Then opals raiser andrew and i went to dinner while my mom and dad watched opal. Today Andrew got to play in snow for the first time. My dad and i got up early and drove to the mountains in search of snow. There wasnt alot but we did find some snow. We put andrew on a flexleash, since guide dog puppies must be on leash umless in an inclosed area, so he could run and chase his rope toy. He had lots of fun running in the snow. His dad medford was the same way when i took him to the snow so it was fun to see how they had that in common. After playing in the snow Andrew needed a bath. He wasnt very happy about it.

Andrew: so i have had a fun past two weekends. I enjoyed meeting the fresno group and making new doggy friends. This weekend i got to enjoy playing with opal. She may be cute but dont let that fool you she likes to chew on me. Yuck! Today i enjoyed this thing my raiser called snow. All i know is its white cold and lots of fun. I enjoyed running in the snow even if there wasnt alot according to my raiser. We also found out that my daddy produced a third litter. They were born sometime at the end of feb and begining of march. And there are 7 of them. I cant wait to see some of my brothers sisters and half siblings at guide dogs fun days.

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