Friday, December 27, 2013

last week of school/ Christmas party

This is a little late since I was busy with finals and getting ready for Christmas. On December 19 I finished my last final and my last day as a Fresno State student. I had left Agent home with my parents in Bakersfield since I had no time to worry about two dogs and studying for finals. Pinnacle was a good boy he enjoyed being the only dog and we worked on his house behavior a lot since we didn't have time for any outings really. The one outing we did was we went with our Guide Dog group to walk around and look at Christmas lights. My phone died during the walk so I have no pictures. Once finals were done I got to enjoy Pinnacle. That Friday we started out sleeping in some which was nice. Then we got up and met one of my friend's for lunch. Pinnacle has become a pro about his behavior when we go out to eat. After lunch we headed over to Fresno State for the last time to return my books and get a picture of him on campus for the last time. Once we were done with that we had to run to target to pick up a few things. Pinnacle is great about shopping and knows how to walk perfectly next to me while I push the cart. After a busy day we went home and crashed.

Pinnacle in front of the fountain at Fresno State for the last time

Pinnacle at our last bowling class 
December 21 marked my last guide dog meeting as an official member of Fresno Far-Sighted guide dog puppy raising group. It started with me running around trying to get things ready for the meeting and getting stuff loaded to take back to Bakersfield. Once I thought I had everything I headed out to the meeting. The meeting started at the bowling alley in Clovis. My parents drove up that day so they could support me while I said my goodbyes that day. Once I was at the meeting I realized I forgot the cake I made for the potluck we were having after bowling so my mom ran to my apartment and got it for me. We all enjoyed bowling and I enjoyed showing off the skills I learned in bowling class this semester. Pinnacle could careless about the bowling going on he was more into saying hi to his friends or laying there being cute. After bowling all of us raisers headed over to a business that was kind enough to let us use for our Christmas party. There was tons of food for us raisers to eat and all the dogs were well behaved. After all of us were done stuffing ourselves it was time for the white elephant exchange. That was the best part of the party. At one point I had a dog bed and Pinnacle was sleeping on it when someone decided they wanted to steal it. Poor Pinnacle as they went to reach for the bed he wrapped his paws around the bed and wouldn't let go. He was very determined not to let anyone take that bed. Everyone had to laugh at him as he sulked when I finally got him off the bed. In the end we got a new jolly ball and my parents ended up with a nice blanket. After all the fun it was time to load up and say my goodbyes to everyone. I made sure to promise to stay in touch and to visit when I can.

Pinnacle and Agent with the Jolly Ball we got in the gift exchange 

Pinnacle and I meeting Santa at our Guide Dog Christmas party


  1. Oh my goodness he has grown into such a handsome boy.

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