Sunday, December 15, 2013


With a new year coming up soon there also comes some changes. This week ( if all goes well and I pass all my classes) will mark my last week at Fresno State. After lots of hard work I am scheduled to graduate. I will still continue to raise Pinnacle only we won't be attending classes anymore. I will have Pinnacle until end of May at which time he will either be recalled or transferred to my one friend who is a raiser. The reason I can only keep him till end of May is because I will be attending Bergin University of Canine Studies starting in June!!! Since it has their own service dogs they train there Pinnacle is unable to go with me. However, Agent will be going to live with me so I won't be dog less. Plus in August Bergin University will be assigning me a dog that I will be responsible for teaching advanced service dog commands. I will continue this blog even while I am attending Bergin University. I am excited and nervous about all these changes.


  1. Congrats, Ashley! Sounds like some fun education.
    Will you email me privately at rcshuflin at aol dot com? I have some logistical questions about raising a GDB pup while at college in California. Thank you!