Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas shopping/ Christmas Day

One would think that after a week of finals plus a Christmas party I would want to just relax for a few days. Unfortunately since finals were so close to Christmas I had yet to buy my family or the dogs Christmas gifts. So on December 22 I invited one of my friends to tag along with Pinnacle and I to do last minute Christmas shopping at the mall. It took us forever to find parking and when we did it was pretty far back so we had to walk a bit to get into the mall. Pinnacle was a good boy and handled the crazy Christmas traffic perfectly. Once inside we made our way through some stores but soon realized it was just to crowded for us. We settled on one store and I quickly got my dad and my sister's boyfriend their gifts. After that one store we agreed we were better off just shopping at the Target in the mall. Pinnacle once again proved what an excellent worker he is. He ignored all the people who were trying to distract him and just focussed on me and looking ahead. Even in Target I put him on his flat collar and walked him while pushing the cart. I did put his gentle leader on at the end since there were lots of people so it was easier to control him with it on. After surviving the mall my friend, Pinnacle, and I all went to Baja Fresh for lunch. Pinnacle was so worn out from shopping he crashed and slept through the whole lunch. Then it was time to get the dogs their Christmas gifts, so I ran to Petco. While there I got Agent a new collar, Wilbur and Lobo each a new bone, and my sister's yorkie a stuffed toy. I ended up going the next day to petsmart and getting Pinnacle a dog bed for his gift. After all that running around we went back to my house wrapped gifts and just chilled.

Few days later it was Christmas eve. We didn't do much that day I just let Agent and Pinnacle play in the back yard, and then we went to dinner with my aunt and her fiancé. Next morning was Christmas Day. We got up about 8am took care of the dogs and started to open gifts. I pretty much got what I had asked for. Then the dogs got to "open" their gifts from Santa. They got a couple new bones and Agent got some new stuffed animals. After Santa's gifts then I gave them my gifts. They all loved their new toys. The rest of the day was pretty chilled my sister's boyfriend, my aunt, and her fiancé came over and we enjoyed a nice lunch/dinner. I then took Agent and Pinnacle out to play and burn energy. About 6pm me, Pinnacle, my mom, my aunt, and her fiancé went to see a movie (my sister had gone to spend some time with her boyfriend's family and my dad had a Christmas party to go to). We decided to see The Wolf of Wall Street. I do not recommend the movie it's way to long and has no point to it. The movie was 3 hours long and the entire theater was packed so we had to sit in the very back with little room and tons of popcorn spilled in front of us. I was worried how Pinnacle would do since he likes to spread out some, but he did great he curled up in a small ball and went to sleep the entire time (except for when I had to wake him up because he was barking in his sleep). In all we had a good Christmas and Pinnacle is loving me being done with school.

collar I got Agent

the dogs' gifts from Santa

Blanket from my mom and dad of all the pups I have raised

Pinnacle and Agent playing on Christmas

Pinnacle was one worn out puppy

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