Monday, December 16, 2013

10 months

Pinnacle turned 10 months old today!! To honor him now being in the double digits I'll list 10 things I love about him.

1. I love his confidence. He is very confident which makes taking him places easier.

2. I love his head tilt. If you talk to him or make funny noises he will tilt his head to the side.

3. I love the the way he walks when he gets excited it is almost like he is prancing

4. I love that he does so great when we go to the movies. He is the perfect movie date since he will go in front of my seat and fall asleep.

5.I love how excited he gets when he knows its time to work. He prefers to be out working over being at home.

6. I love that he is able to sleep on a tie-down now. He still sleeps in his crate some nights but he is great when I put him to bed on a tie-down

7. I love how excited he gets when he knows I'm taking him outside to play with his jollyball.

8. I love his eagerness to please. He gets upset if he knows I am mad at him. He does his best to make me happy.

9. I love that he likes attention but is also ok playing alone

10. I love how far he has come. He is not perfect but he has come a long way and shows promise to continue doing better.

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