Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Catching up

So im sorry this is coming late. Youll have to forgive me as i was in Hawaii on vacation. But Andrew and i wanted to wish everyone a happy new years. Andrew went and stayed at another puppy raisers house while i was gone. Andrew got to go through puppy boot camp while there and learn that despite what he thinks hes not the alpha.andrew also grew some while i was gone. Hes no longer small and chubby but has grown to be longer and little taller and thinned out . He has his first eval with our cfr on monday to discuss few issues we need to work on with andrew. Ill post how it goes on monday. Also starting next post im going to try something different with the post. Im hoping to tell my view of things at the begining of the post and andrews view at the end. Id love feed back on what everyone thinks of this once i start. In the mean time enjoy new pictures of andrew.

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