Monday, December 26, 2011


Well Andrew and I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday. I know we did. We woke up about 8am and went downstairs so I could feed and potty Andrew. He then had to stay in the kitchen (don't worry he got to open his presents first). Andrew got two new bones, Wilbur got 2 new bones and doggy treats, lobo got 3 new bones, and my sisters yorkie got 3 stuff toys a new bone and 2 sweaters. Once all the animals had their gifts it was time to open ours. My sister and I got to open up the gifts from our parents then my mom and dad got to open their gifts then my aunt who came to visit opened her gifts then my sister and I finally got to finish opening the rest of our gifts. Andrew did pretty good yesterday. We are working on him not mouthing and chewing everything in site (hes a typical pup). On Thursday Andrew will be going to stay with another raiser and her guide dog puppy Shawn for about 5-6 days while my family goes on vacation to hawaii. If nothing exciting happens before Thursday then ill post again once back form my trip. So in case I don't get to update have a happy new years!!

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