Thursday, January 5, 2012

Andrews "big" outing

Ashley: well today Andrew went on his first "big" outing. It was still low keyed like the other outings weve done but this time it was longer than the others and he got exposed to new things. We first started by going to jonny rockets to eat lunch. I like to take my pups there for their first out to eat trip since they know me pretty well there and have no issue with my pups plus they bring you your food so you dont have to try to walk a baby puppy and carry a tray at the same time. Andrew did ok he was pretty wiggly but was good at staying under the table. After i ate we went outside and releaved him in the parking lot( since he doesnt have all his shots grass and dirt should be avoided unless in my backyard to avoid him getting parvo). We then went and walked around the market place ( its a small outdoor shoping center). There he got to expereince small amount of people walking by, people pushing shopping carts, automatic doors, and water fountains. He did great and he had no fear issues. After that we got in my car and went to pick up laundry my mom had dropped off yesterday at the laundry mat. This was the first time Andrew had gone he did great had no fear of the noises from washing machines or dryers that were on and walked nicely next to me when i pushed the cart with our clothes to my car and then back to the store. Right now we are working on how andrew greets people so ive made a no pet policy while in public till we can get his mouthing under control.

Andrew: Hey everyone im Andrew im a puppy in training to hopefully be a guide dog one day. My mom has decided to let me tell my side of the story on the blog so i cant wait to tell you about my fun adventures. Today started out with my mommy loading me into her car and us going to this place called jonny rockets. She made me go under the table and tried to get me to lay dpwn while she ate. For the most part i was wiggly i mean come on im a baby and theres all these yummy smells going around and people to meet right so dont know why she thinks i should lay down while she has fun. After that mommy took me to potty she made this big fuss over me for being a good boy and pottying in the parking lot. I mean really parents can be embaressing sometimes. After that mommy made me walk around this place called the market place not sure what a market place is but it seems fun lots of new things to see and smell. I tried to be cute so people would pet me but mommy said no something about me being to mouthy. Such a meany. We then went to puck up laundry mommy said i did really good there too. Now to take a nap. After all im a baby and just had a busy day.

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