Thursday, January 12, 2012

Andrews eval

So im sorry this is late but with me moving to a new appartment things were bit crazy. Andrew had his first eval with our cfr. It was decided andrew will be on a food proticall for his mouthing issue and to help him adjust to wearing the gentle leader. I will be leaving him in a few days to head back up to college and my mom will raise him till given permission for him to come up to fresno. I will miss him a ton while im gone


  1. Do you know when you will find out for sure who andrew's father is? Just curious :)

  2. What day was Andrew born? :) I think we might have his sister in our club (she just arrived today but is almost 12 weeks old).

  3. We arent sure when we will find out who his dad is whenever the dna test comes in we will know. Andrew was born october 22