Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last Chance!!!

So this is everyones last chance to guess my puppy's name if you haven't or just want to keep guessing. I am getting a male letter "A". I know all the names of the pups in the litter so far no one has guessed any of the boys names. Remember if you guess right you get a prize unless there is numerous people who guess right then ill have to pick randomly somehow who wins. I will be getting mr.A tomorrow around 2:30 pm and since I won't be back into Bakersfield till late tomorrow I wont post the name on here till Monday, and the name of the winner. So have fun guessing. I will also post on Monday pictures of me with Medford, and me playing with the A litter.


  1. I love guessing names!

    Atticus, Arty, Allen, Amor, Andy, Andrew, Ashlyn, Ash, Ace, Aden, Alvin, Aaron, Aladdin, Ardon, Arco...?