Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas party part 1

So this post is a little late. Sorry life has been crazy. So last saturday was fresnos yearly christmas party which is lot of fun. We started outside at 10:30am working on commands and then went inside the boweling alley to play one game of boweling. We had a lot of fun and since i didnt hav a puppy i got to love on the others and enjoy boweling and not worry about what my dog is doing. I extra enjoyed this year since last year the party was only few days after my car accident which ment sitting out of boweling last year. After boweling we moved to a party room where we enjoyed a yummy lunch. Then it was time for the best part the dog theme gift exchange it gets real crazy. We play where we all bring a gift or two wrapped up and draw numbers then take turns picking a gift we are also allowed to take a gift from someone but the gift can only be stolen three times. I forgot to take my camera so no pictures.

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