Monday, September 5, 2011

something new

Ok well since I do not have a dog to blog about at the moment I have decided to try something new for now. I have decided to answer questions that you as bloggers might have for me. So feel free to leave any questions you have for me in the comment box, and through the next two or so weeks I will try to answer them. Feel free to ask me anything about puppy raising for Guide Dogs for the Blind, what it is like raising in college, about any of my past dogs I raised, etc.


  1. I have two. :) one, can you do a post about each pup you've raised? I'm new to reading your blog so I don't know if you've posted about past dogs. :) and two, what is it like raising in college? Is it hard? What advice would you have for a puppy raiser who's heading into raising in college? I've been raising since 9th grade and I am going to college next fall

  2. Oh! I have one Miss Ashley that I forgot to ask you over the summer. Does raising a puppy in college interfere with social time with friends? What do you do when you're going to be gone for a long time at a party or something? I'm getting all the advice I can before I start raising in the UK this next Spring. :)