Sunday, September 4, 2011

puppy sitting

So what is one to do while waiting for a transfer puppy to come? Puppy sit!! This past week I had the joy of getting to watch guide dog puppy Shawn. For those who aren't familiar puppy sitting is when a puppy goes to stay with another member of the guide dog group while their raiser goes out of town. Shawn was a good boy. He was a great dog to take to class so my teachers could get use to the idea of a dog in the class. All my teachers love him. He just went under my desk (well under as best as a huge 10 month old puppy can) and slept. It was really hot this week so I limited the outings we took. It was really nice to have a leash back in my hands, and I look forward to the next time I have a puppy.

p.s. pictures will be posted of shawn once i get on my own computer.


  1. YAY for puppy sits! They definitely help pass the time!

  2. yes it does and hes a great puppy so he was perfect to introduce the concept of having a dog in class to my teachers.