Tuesday, September 6, 2011

answer to questions day 1 con.

Ok so another question I was asked was what it is like raising a puppy in college. To start I have not had a baby puppy while attending college due to the fact of where I live it would not be safe to have a baby puppy. The reason being it is pet friendly and all the dogs share the grass so since I do not know if all dogs have had all shots it is safer not to have a baby puppy. I would say raising in college is not easy but it is not hard either. As long as you have a puppy who can settle for classes and has a good bit of confidence where it can handle big crowds its not that hard. The best thing to do is plan your class schedule around your puppy. I always leave at least an hour between classes so I have time to relieve the pup, eat if I need too, and allow the pup to stretch. If I have a class that overlaps with the dogs dinner I pack the food in a container and take it to school with me so I can feed the dog before that class. So far I have had no issues with my professors about having a dog in class. Having a dog on campus has been great it has allowed me to meet to meet new people, educate others on how to act around a service animal as well as educate people with disabilities about the option of having a service dog. The one down side is it does somewhat limit what I can do. I did leave medford home sometimes for a couple hours so I could enjoy myself. If I am going to be gone for a very long period and can't have the dog with me I try to find a puppy sitter in my guide dog group to watch the dog. Taking random trips is very limited since unless the dog can go it can be hard to find someone to watch the dog last minute. Over all I would say even with Medford I had a pretty normal college year last year. I still got to hang with friends and do normal things sometimes with and other times without Medford. Granted I live in an appartment so things are different then if I was in college renting a house or condo that had a yard where I could have an outside pen allowing me to leave a dog little more often then I did with Medford.

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