Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sorry lot of this is late. I was in the process of moving so i didn't have internet access for a bit. So as I mentioned I am watching Palau a female golden/lab cross for 6 weeks. I picked her up on my way back from an outing to old sacramento. She is a sweet girl. Since I am still getting use to her we have been keeping outings to small quick outings to avoid any accidents. She has been attending class with me and has been great to have in class. She just goes under my desk and sleeps. I have found that she loves to sleep near her food and water dish. She is pretty different from her brother polaris who I had started. She has more confidence then polaris did and she looks like a lab while polaris looked golden. One thing both have in common they both love to cuddle. I look forward to our adventures together.
Now for some exciting news. We have found out along with Medford 3 other dogs from our group will be graduating. Pups Hilton and Hobbs (aka the H brothers) will be graduating as guides and pups medford and Heloise will be breeders. This will be a special graduation having 4 dogs from one group graduate together. Only 1.5 weeks till graduation.

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