Tuesday, September 6, 2011

answers to questions day 1

Ok so I recived some questions today and I will do my best to answer them the best I can. One question was have I ever blogged about my other puppies. The answer is no I have not blogged about my previous dogs Medford was my first one. However, I did mention Wilbur my first pup in some of this blog. Here is a little about each pup. My first puppy was Wilbur a male yellow lab. I received Wilbur in 6th grade. Wilbur was a loving boy, but we did have some issues with him while I raised him. To start he had tummy issues and would often have loose stools making it difficult for the longest time to be able to take him places. He was about 8-9 months old when he finally got over that issue. He also suffered from ear infections alot too. His biggest issue though was his love to steel food. He went on to graduate as working guide in Georgia. He is now retired and living a spoiled life as a pet with my parents. My second puppy was a golden retriever named Pascal. I received Pascal the same day I returned Wilbur. Pascal was coraised by me and my sister since at the time I had lots of homework in 8th grade which made it difficult for me to always have time for him. He was a good boy when working. His only issue was if left alone he would bark like crazy. Pascal got to attend my week long 8th grade graduation trip as well as go on stage with me when I graduated. Pascal went with me the first month or so of high school before he returned for his formal training. Pascal graduated as a working guide in texas. We received notice a few years ago that he had been retired for unknown reasons, but a year after retiring was reinstated as a guide to the same person(this was a first for guide dogs for the blind). My third pup was a female black lab named fabrica. Fabrica came to me my freshman year of high school. She was very interesting to raise since she was my first female. Fabrica attended school with me almost everyday once she was old enough. She had an issue of being dog distracted and chewing up things while loose in our home(yes she chewed up one of my mom's cell phones). She was career changed while in formal training for dog distraction. I was very sad that I was unable to keep her since I was attached to her, but I had to decide to keep her or keep raising and I chose to keep raising. She now lives with family friends who live near us so I do still get to see her and sometimes watch her if they are gone. After Fabrica came Lobo a male yellow lab. Lobo was still a pup (about 6 months old) when he was career changed. He was career changed for a health issue though vets can not say exactly whats wrong all we know is no long walks for him or hell start to limp. He is now a pet living with my parents. He and my dad are best buds. After Lobo I waited about 1-2 months before getting my next puppy. We wanted Lobo to settle into pet life and we were deciding if we could handle two dogs. My fifth puppy was Baron a male yellow lab. Baron started out a very easy puppy very mellow and easy going. However, not long after getting him he developed loose stools. We would get him better then as we would put him on his food the loose stools came back. After few months of this guide dogs had him go to the san rafael campus, and they ran test and found nothing wrong. We believe that we might have bought the wrong food, and that upset his tummy. When we got Baron back he had hit his teenage years so he became a little stuborn and would get distracted easly. As a result he was put on a food proticall where i rewarded him with a treat for focussing on me and not the distractions. Well despite being a lab he really was not food motivated. He would put food in his mouth suck on it then spit it out even hot dogs and cheese didn't work. In the end about a few months before his recall we got the letter to get him neutered. After that he was a lot better about working. He graduated as a working guide in California. I have not heard from or seen him since his graduation. After Baron I got Sweetie a female yellow lab. Sweetie was quite the puppy. From day one she had lots of energy. Sweetie was a very hyper dog so she was very limited on being able to go to school with me. As a result we decided to coraise her with my leader in Bakersfield. We coraised her till I left for college. When I left another raiser who I am friends with finished her. Sweetie was career changed for being to hyper and unable to focuss. She now lives as a pet with my leader I coraised her with. After Sweetie I received Medford who I had been blogging about. I also started a puppy named Polaris who I transfered a few months ago. I am now waiting on a transfer puppy to raise.

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