Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Medford will be a dad ....AGAIN

So when I had last talked to guide dogs breeding department Medford wasnt scheduled to be bred again any time soon. Well.... I got an email today saying that a female went into heat and they decided to use Medford as the daddy. He was bred to Damsel a female yellow lab. So now that there is another litter i have to decide do I get a pup from the first litter and hope it is a medford pup since two males were used, or i could wait few months and know for sure it is a medford pup. Its a hard choice. The thing is i prefer to have the more golden to it over the more lab. Ive always liked goldens more than labs, dont get me wrong i love labs but goldens have and always will be my favorite. If i take one from the first litter it would be 7/8 golden if it was a med but there is no promise it would be medfords. If i get one from second litter then it would be more lab but i would know its medfords. As of now im sticking to the first litter but who knows i still have some time to decide.


  1. Can you maybe just ask GDB for the most Goldeny puppy in the 1st litter? Then it might have a better chance of being Medford's?

  2. I would but the other half of the litter is full golden so there wont be much difference in look

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