Wednesday, November 16, 2011

happy early thanksgiving

So this is a bit early but i will be gone on vacation thanksgiving week and may not have access to a computer. I wanted to wish everyone a happy early thanksgiving. With thanksgiving about a week away we should all give thanks for the wonderfull pups we are able to raise. So here is a question that I would love everyone to answer. The question is why did you decide to become a puppy raiser?

Also I have set a goal for the blog. I would like to try and double the number of viewers to my blog by January 1 so if you could spred the word that would be great.


  1. My decision to become a puppy raiser came around one December when my Golden Brandy suddenly dropped down and had a seizure. I rushed her to emergency care as it was the weekend. She had another seizure in the pet hospital and said that there was nother they could do if I couldn't leave her overnight, which I definitely couldn't afford. They gave her something that was suppose to help her seizures and told me how to help her when they happened. I spent the next day in a half doing nothing but following her around and holding her head and cleaning up after each seizure. She died two months later. A few months after that I was ready for another puppy and I think Arwen needed a playmate. I don't think my dad was ready though. A month or so after that he suggested GDB puppy raising and I went to my first meeting. I had heard of GDB because of Roselle and was pretty interested. That first meeting made me hooked and there was no going back. After that it was just something I loved to do.

  2. A Happy early Thanksgiving to you!
    I started raising guide dog puppies for a 4-H project, and after my first one returned to the school; I decided there was no way I could stop raising the puppies, because I enjoyed it to much! So now I've got my 5th guide dog puppy (Brandon) and don't know where I'd be without having these furry pups in my life!


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