Thursday, November 3, 2011

litter announcements

So since I dont have a puppy I thought I would update you on litters of pups that fresno far sighted dogs helped produce in October.

On October 8 Preston who was raised by my leader litter of pups were born. He produced 8 pups 2 males 6 females with female golden devine. The litter letter is N. My leader will be getting one of the male pups.

On October 22 Medford& Ralph with Pilar pups were born 4 males 4 females. Litter letter is A. I will be getting one of these pups.

On October 31 Heloise a female yellow lab bred with Jay had one pup a male black lab. Letter is Z. Far as I know Heloise family plans to get this pup.

Fresno breeder pups were busy this october.
Aslo Preston it was decided after that one litter would not be a breeder and is now phase 3 of 8 in training.

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