Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So now that my life has somewhat settled down again I figured I should update everyone on what is going on. First Medford's first litter is due oct 19. Unfortunally the female was bred with Medford and another male so until they are born and dna test are run I will not know how many of the pups are his. Secondly I have received the news that my appartment has changed their minds and will not allow me to have guide dogs stay with me luckly I had signed a month to month lease since I was nervous if they would keep their word to allow the dog. So now I will be moving again at the end of the semester, so I can continue to raise. This means three months without a dog. This will be weird since it has been a while since I went this long without a dog. So since I will not have much to update about my blog will be slow for a bit. I will however keep everyone updated about medford's pups.


  1. you know you're puppy raiser when... you chose your housing based on whether or not they'll allow a puppy in training... and are willing to move if they don't! Sorry to hear about the road bump but it sounds like you'll get it figured out. :)

  2. yes so true I have always made sure to live where I can raise. I have found a few appartments that will allow the guide dog puppy so I just have to check them out and decide which one.