Monday, October 10, 2011

graduation pictures

Medford and I with his breeder keepers children
Medford and I in front of the congratulations sign
Medford giving me kisses
Medford and I before graduation

Family photo(my dad, me , medford, my sister, and my mom)
group photo (hilton, medford, heloise,and hobbs) with raisers and hilton and hobbs partners
Medford and I being called onto the stage
Making Medford sit before giving my speech

Tearing up during my speech
Medford sitting in my lap after graduation
Giving Medford one last hug


  1. Loved all the photos - he looks so grown up! Are you hoping to raise an offspring of Medford?

  2. Thanks he has grown up alot I am getting a puppy from Medford's first litter due oct 19 so ill get the puppy around christmas time

  3. Congrats! It's cool that they do a graduation ceremony for breeders!!!

  4. A Hobbs Guide Yay!!! lol, sorry I just had to get that out ;)

    Medford looks wonderful and all grown up! He is going to have beautiful babies.