Thursday, October 27, 2011

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So after much back and forth with the head of breeding department at guide dogs I finally got all the info I needed about the pups. As you know Medford and another male was bred with pilllar. Once I heard that news I began to panic about would i know if I had a medford pup, and if not would I be ok with the other males pup. With this being my last pup for at least a little while I was hoping to end with a grandpup and wasnt sure if I would be ok with the other males. So I sent an email expressing my concerns to the head of breeding department. She informed that a DNA test would be done on the pups once they were 6 weeks old but would not have results till they were 12-14 weeks old. That made me feel little better knowing I would at least know who the dad was even if it was after i had it for a month. However, I still worried would i be ok with the other males pup if I ended up with it. I thought about waiting for his second litter but was told it doesnt like hell be used anytime soon and with only a certain time frame I could get a puppy I have decided to go ahead and stick with the pillar litter. I was told that the other male used was ralph a male golden medium color, and that he had a good success rate. After hearing that my fears were put to ease. I would be happy with whatever I got, would I be little disapointed if the pup i got wasn't medfords yes but I'd be ok with it which is important. I also found out that I can schedule to see the pups once they are 6-7 weeks old I know i will be taking advantage of this opertunity. My thinking if something happens that i dont get a med pup at least i can say i saw them.

Medford as a puppy

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