Monday, October 24, 2011

puppy news

Well I just talked to guide dogs and Pillar who Medford was bred with had 8 puppies on saturday. There are 4 males and 4 females, and the litter letter is A. Since Pillar was also bred with frozen sperm from another male we do not know yet how many are medfords. We have been told different things but we should know when they are 6-12 weeks old. Yes that means we might not find out until we have the puppy. So fingers crossed they find out at 6 weeks so we can know we are raising a medford pup and not some other males pup.


  1. How exciting! I met Medford when I was on an internship this summer. I absolutely adored him and Maxwell! You were amazingly lucky to be able to raise such a beautiful dog and your hard work deffinately showed, he was extremely well behaved.
    I hope they find out in time to raise one of his pups :)

  2. Thanks we still plan to get one from this litter if they don't find out in time. the other male used was ralph a male golden so ill either walk away with a med or golden pup if they dont find out.