Friday, March 25, 2011

wilbur is home

After 6 long years wilbur is here to live with me forever. we picked him up from the foster family he stayed with last night today in tiburon. he was very excited to see me and my mom. he is already being spoiled and enjoying retired life.


  1. Wow ashley what a great day for you. I still remember the Day we left Wilbur In SAN Rafael with Glenda and the long ride home. I can still hear you sobbing in the Back seat in your sleep as we drove home. Just the thought still brings tears to my Eyes. And Now yesterday you drove back from San Rafael with Tears of Joy in your eyes after all these Years your Wilbur is home to stay. I know how long you waited and wished for this day and I am so Happpy for you. I can't be any more proud of the wonderful young women you have become.Enjoy that Wilbur boy ! I love you Dad !

  2. WOW... what a great day for you to have an old friend back!