Friday, March 4, 2011

snow trip

medford chasing hobbs

Eating snow

rolling in the snow

Today Medford got to have a really fun day. Medford and I joined Kimberly and her guide dog puppy hobbs for a trip to the snow. Medford has been to the snow before, but this was Hobbs first time. As soon as Medford saw the snow he ran into it all excited. We kept both dogs on flex leashes. Both dogs enjoyed chasing each other and eating the snow. By the end of the trip both puppies were worn out.


  1. Oh! Another Hobbs PIT! Tell her he has the best name ever!

  2. yes fresno farsighted has the new hobbs. he is a lot like your Hobbs

  3. Oh, looks like they had a great time!!!

  4. oh both had a blast medford ecspecially he didnt want to leave. both dogs enjoyed chasing each other threw the snow.